rain days

rain days

@N21 Start▶June 21th

{KIUIKIU} Lullaby Dress [maitreya]

@Pocket gacha(Get a GACHA HUD here!)

Kuriko-natsuhinokudamono/RARE MAKEUP(Catwa)

kuriko-kudamono eyes1

Hair - {Limerence}#4 Daniela hair(Common1)-Blonds

Boots - Mikunch Rain boots (Color) 9

Umbrella - *{( konpeitou )}* kurage-kasa (urasima)(main store moving now)

Location - Genei - Machi


wedding rab

wedding rab

@Lootbox - Open June 20th

*{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha
- Lootbox *{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha - teddy kimono dress
- rare2 *{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha - teddy rabbit beret (pure
- *{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha -2- Tabi ribbons (pure
- *{( konpeitou )}* usatan gacha -13- tall pom*pom clogs (pure

*{( konpeitou )}* prism tears (main store is moving now)

*{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon - 6 moon jewelry

*{( konpeitou )}* beauty and the book w/rose

Hair - taketomi - Chibiusa - Bento

Deco - +RokumeikaN+&+Theater Chain++T*C+Lean On set

Deco - {anc}-Garden- by anc "secret garden" ROSE {poet/breach}

Deco - {anc} // cirque de reverie .3/ nuit / curtain

Deco - {anc} hanging iron bench. Wash




@Good Vibes Fair
Open June 15 to Close June 29
+ Occult + swimming pool buoy (POSE + Buoy)

Bikini - Sweet Thing. IttyBitty Bikini Gacha
-Sweet Thing. Bitsy Belly Jewels
-Sweet Thing. Bitsy Wrap Choker
-Sweet Thing. Bitsy Strap Sandals
-Sweet Thing. IttyBitty Bikini-Mermaid RARE!

Hair - tram H0327 hair / HUD-B


Lips - [KARA] AYA_Lips_PK [CATWA]

location - WHOLE.WHEAT Landscape & Creations




@The Chapter four

{KIUKIU} Naraely Dress(FATPACK exclusive)

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Lemon Mesh Hair - Blonds

Eyes acce & Mouth acce - *{( konpeitou )}* crystal-brow(I use by disassembling it)

Eyelush - [KARA] lashes1 [CATWA]

Lip - [KARA] AYA_Lips_PK [CATWA]

Eye - {S0NG} :: Hotaru // Snow Eye

House - Apple Fall Country Hall

Deco - ROIRO - DecoCounter(White&LG)

Deco - Soy. Metal Platform Bed

Deco - +Half-Deer+ Boho Bed Canopy (White)

Deco - hive // rose petals [heart]

Deco - dust bunny . potted rubber tree

Deco - {OBD} Fall Mum Planter

Deco - HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- blue*g


Party time

Party time

Get there before this round ends on June 18th!

*{( konpeitou )}* Tabi - chandelier

@The Secret Affair 6/5 open!!
Surprisingly, this work allows you to use all the parts separately!!

*{( konpeitou )}*crystal-brow

Spring is here and it’s time to get out, so make sure you visit Kustom9 before this round is over on June 10th♥

Sweet Thing. Shallan Dress

Hair - Doe: Thena (solid) - Pastels(gacha)

Shoes - Momento x Astralia - Vintage witch heels RARE

location - WHOLE.WHEAT Landscape



@The Gacha Garden

kisetsu - Pastel Musubi Kanzashi - Green

Dress - Maraschino Maraschino - Dot Dress - Maitreya Lara - Mint

Hair - .Olive. the Taurus Hair

Brow - violetta. -catwa applier maro mayu eyebrows(6color)

Eyeshadow - violetta. -catwa eye shadow 01

Lashes - {aii}+ Yokai Mega Make Up Pack +

Under lashes - ' Lv.100 ll[ S.K.S.T ]ll ::.:{Gift}YAMI Eyelashes:::

Lips - [KARA] AYA_Lips_PK [CATWA]

Pose - *{( konpeitou )}* Standing Bento Poses(main store is moving now)




Enchantment is the theme of Alice in Wonderland!
*{( konpeitou )}* released a very cute hat.
Fatpack also includes two exclusive colors! Please come and get a cute hat with fluffy ears x)


Hat - *{( konpeitou )}* rose hatter(main store is moving now)

Dress - [Canimal] Wonderland Dress - Rabbit

Deco - Dahlia - Curious - FULL SET - Packaged

Deco - MOoH! Alice cabinet(Hunt prize)

Deco - Serenity Style -the door to nowhere(Hunt prize)


Hair - tram H0426 hair / FATPACK

@Main store

Lip - [KARA] Gift_Lip [CATWA]

Socks - *{( konpeitou )}* Tabi - wonderland Mait-high & *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu - asymmetry Tabi socks (Mait high

Shoes - *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu -11- Guarding Clogs (Mait high




@The Chapter four is the fifth anniversary round!

!1mm*** tabi-boots AYA

@Collabor88is being held until June 6!

MINA - Yelena - Black and greys

Kimono - *{( konpeitou )}* yuruhaori -FAT- (main store is moving now)

Inner - [CX] Threadbare Top

Panty - Fawny - Submissiveness.Bottom - Maitreya Experimen - RARE

Deco - {anc} CAMELLIA.gazebo RARE

Deco - [FOURTH WALL] LED Wall Lamp (Easter Egg hunt prize)

Deco - Persefona Floating Roses with Petals




@Fantasy Gacha Carnival is being held until June 6!

Eyes - kuriko -kira eyes4

Lip - 2.Kuriko-Kira eyes/ /Gacha- RARELIPSTICK PACK

@The Chapter four is the fifth anniversary round!

Tops - ***Ambrosia*** Raffle off shoulder[white] ~Maitreya Lara*

Pants - ***Ambrosia*** Raffle pants[red denim] ~Maitreya Lara*

Garter - ***Ambrosia***Ribbon garter ~Maitreya Lara(Anniversary Gift!)

@ Uber
Hair - tram H0414 hair / HUD-B

Eyelashes - [KARA]-花楽- lashes1 [CATWA]

Eyebrows - [KARA]-花楽- maro_brow [CATWA & 6DOO]

Daisy - Disorderly+Moon Amore /Daisy Dream/ Floating Daisies / WHITE




Hi all :)
I will introduce the new work of Konpeito.
It is a sakura candy gacha which is sold in Epiphany.
The 25-point prize was a behavior of some people without mind, and it became a situation inevitable to make change.
I am sorry that some people criticize wonderful items with arbitrary thought and attack creators with grotesque images.
We can talk.
Why do you attack unilaterally without talking?
But new prizes are also pretty, so please get by all means.
The Epiphany only comes around every 3 months so stop by before May 12th, or you will miss out until next round!

@The Epiphany
*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame gacha(main store is moving now)

-ULTRA *{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame * sakura oiran kimono
-*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame * curtain bonnet
-*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame *9 tumami tiara
*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame *10 hannari horn
-*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame * syaku TABI
-*{( konpeitou )}* sakura-ame * sakura petal Clogs

Hair - TRUTH HAIR Ramsey - black & whites


water play

water play

KURENAI EVENT will be over in a week.
Is there anything you forgot to buy?
There are lots of great works, so please come to the venue by all means!

@KURENAI April round!
Panty - Snao.:HENTAIpanties:BC(MaitreyaBeta)

Tentacle - + Occult + Touch Me Tentacle {Maitreya-Hourglass}

Hair - DOUX - Love hairstyle [B&W]

Make - violetta. -catwa eye shadow 02

Nipplelock - CURELESS [+] Pandora's Key - Onyx - Nipplelock




@KURENAI April round!
The April round ends at April 30th am 07:59!
There are a lot of wonderful works this time too!

Dress - !1mm*** KAREN (for Maitreya)
    ※sells it for the Kemono body, too

Acce - .TeaBunny. Bunny Tickler - Exclusive Colors

Acce - ASO! Bekko Candy Earring -(milk)

Deco - [Soul Mates] Hentai Gacha

Deco - OLQINU : sexual scene gacha

Deco - Tamagosenbei Youre a Pervert

Hair - tram F1201 hair / HUD-C


Bath time

Bath time

@KURENAI April round!
The April round ends at April 30th am 07:59!
There are a lot of wonderful works this time too xD

Outfit - [Ade yakko] Harai_BathTowel

choker - [Leluck] everyday a beauty choker

Tattoo - Tattoo::Hentai gacha

Rock bath - [BMS] Iwaburo // Letts Sexy Dance! //

@The seasons story is until April 30th!

Eyes - Kuriko-Osina rose tattoo/eyes / / Gacha

Hair - *ARGRACE* CHIZURU - Blacks

Deco(bath) - 1 [MB] Yuya -Bath House- [RARE]
      3 [MB] Takebei -Bamboo Wall- (Tall)
      5 [MB] Bamboo partition set
      8 [MB] Teoke -Bath Pail-

Deco - anc Garden by anc bamboo


sleeping rose

sleeping rose
The seasons story is until April 30th!
Please come and get a sleeping mask with a very beautiful rose!
This mask has been released from Konpeitou♥

Mask - *{( konpeitou )}* rose sleeping-mask

Tattoo - Kuriko-Osina rose tattoo/eyes GACHA

Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Bloom

Tops - *{( konpeitou )}* Matsuri gacha -RARE- kimono Top

Nail - :Moon Amore: Mystic Star / Glow Nail Art / Pure


fine day

fine day

KURENAI April round until April 30th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!

Kimono - kisetsu Animated Furisode & Obi

Hairpin - MICHAN - ShuangXi Hairpin

Hairacce - ( ayame ame ) [aa]*HairAcce - Sakurauta

Eyes - [SUGARJAM] :: Roller Coaster EYES

Umbrella&Pose - +Espoir+ +EP+KAWARI BANGASA_F

Hair - TUKINOWAGUMA*TKW* Cohaku Reds Blacks

Nail - PINK LION*PL* bento nail #026 (wear)

Hairacce - The Sugar Garden .tsg. Hair Ornament Peony Clip - Mixed

Hairacce - *{( konpeitou )}* karakuya - kanzashi(KARAKUYA Group gift)



Fairy rose

Fairy rose

@KURENAI April round!
The April round ends at April 30th am 07:59!
There are a lot of wonderful works this time too!

Skin - {munchi} Ying CATWA Skin

Dress - ***Ambrosia***{GACHA}Bustle Dress Lady Bustle[blue]
***Ambrosia***{GACHA}Bustle Dress Panty[blue]
***Ambrosia***Rose Collar & Cuff

Nail - <ooSiki>Nail rope

Pose - Stonerella :: Ecchi pose set

Hair - Exile::Rain Ice color

Eyelashes - .* yawn *.{Gift}KAWAII Eyelashes::: & {Gift}YAMI Eyelashes:::

Location - WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation



@KURENAI April round!
The April round ends at April 30th am 07:59!

Hair - *TKW* Tumugi

Kimono - fuayu Armor KIMONO

Hat - * Cute Sextoy Doll * Black Hat

Dolls - Les sucreries de Fairy* Cute Sextoy Doll Bloggers and friends box*

Deco&Pose - +Espoir++EP+KAWARI BANGASA

Deco - Tsuru's ArtifactsSpring Noren (Animated)

Socks - CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Nekotabi Stockings / BLACK


Cats Queen

Cats Queen
@KURENAI April round!
The April round ends at April 30th am 07:59!
There are a lot of wonderful works this time too xD

Kimono - *{( konpeitou )}* musubi-kimono(FATPACK exclusive)
!! its for Aii's nekomata tail←←check!!

Bandaid(body) - violetta. -body bandaid (6colors)

Bandaid(face) - violetta. -face bandaid (6colors)

Shoes - silver *{( konpeitou )}* KYOU-WAKU neon daruma clogs (mait high

Deco - pink *{( konpeitou )}* KURUI daruma (rez
silver *{( konpeitou )}* KURUI daruma (rez
red *{( konpeitou )}* KURUI daruma (rez
sky *{( konpeitou )}* MADOWASE daruma (rez

Hair acce - *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu - mizuhiki bow

Hair acce - *LODE* Head Accessory - Phlox Wreath [peach blossom]
*LODE* Head Accessory - Phebe [light pink]

Ear & Tail - + Nekomata + {egosumaii}



Deco - nani - dreamy pond - goldfish


White rose

White rose
2nd Anniversary The Project Se7en.
This round will end on April 20th.
@The Project Se7en
***Ambrosia***Ruffle Baby Doll[blue]
***Ambrosia***Lacy Stockings[white](Anniversary Gift)

***Ambrosia***Rose Eye patch[RARE]

This round ends April 13th.
@Secret Hideout
*{( konpeitou )}* unicorn-headdress

Hair - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Threads

Location - The Outer Garden


love affair


@KURENAI April round!
April Round has started!
There are a lot of wonderful works this time too xD

◀◀Collaboration amu loretta


hair:+elua+ Nicole_Variety_B


Hair - *Dura*-B&G82-FAT PACK1




@Secret Hideout
This round ends April 13th.

*:. konpeitou .:* unicorn-headdress

MICHAN - Honoka Choker (gothic)

[700] Fairy Potion gacha RARE2 (Amoskin)(catwa)
[700] Fairy Potion gacha A06



*PH-PL* MewMew // bento nail #06

@Re: Japonica

*::.who what.::* [Jpn] -ito mari mobile-

@*{( konpeitou )}*

*{( konpeitou )}* Matsuri gacha
- *{( konpeitou )}* Matsuri gacha -RARE- kimono Panty

*{( konpeitou )}* prism tears

*{( konpeitou )}* Tabi -prince-

*{( konpeitou )}* yuruhaori

*{( konpeitou )}* white tattoo

..::( siratama )::.. 7 - tyou-mai


*booN HIM350 hair black/chocolate/purple




@Remnant. Dark Days
Tattoo: CURELESS[+] Replicant Joints

@Sweet Thing.
Stompers: Sweet Thing. Haru Street Stompers - Fatpack

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Summer for Fameshed

Horns: ([CX] Yule Lord Gacha)
[CX] 3 - Yule Lord Horns (Obsidian)

Collar: ([CX] Necronomic Mother Gacha)
21. [CX] Necronomic Mother - Collar - Mono/M/RARE

Outfit: (*QweenB* Finn Gacha)
*QweenB* Finn Shorts - Black - RARE
*QweenB* Finn Top - Black - RARE


Mask - + Occult + Sleeping Mask Dark

Chapter four
Dress - + Occult +Vio Vintage Dress{Maitreya-Hourglass}FATPACK

Nail - *PL* bento nail // LIARS #19

Horn - [CX] Ikenga's Horns ( Silver )

Hair - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Threads

Shoes - AsteroidBox. Hyuna Heels // Black

Tattoo - CURELESS [+] Divine Delineation / GROUPGIFT

@Remarkable Oblivion
(RO - Danse Macabre Gacha)
RO - Danse Macabre - Ruins Stage RARE
RO - Danse Macabre - Throne RARE
RO - Danse Macabre - Candelabra




*{( konpeitou )}* Spring mask : dolly fox *kitsune-men
@ Whimsical

kimono - *{( konpeitou )}* one's chest kimono
panty - *{( konpeitou )}* Matsuri gacha -RARE- kimono Panty
socks - *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon - 10 Tabi rose garden
mouth acce - *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon - 11 mouth rose
tattoo - *{( konpeitou )}* white tattoo
eyelush - *{( konpeitou )}* hikaru-matuge
eyepach - hibai-hin *{( konpeitou )}* frill eyepatch (white) not sale
@*{( konpeitou )}*

hair - Blues. Minhae - Naturals 1
@Blues. Hair

horn - + Twisted Dragon Horns V6 + {egosumaii}

nail - *PL* bento nail #016 -Maitreya-

head acce - *LODE* Head Accessory - Boho Poppy Crown [white] RARE

arm - *COCO*_FurSleeves_Grey

make - :: MOMOCHUU :: Kitsune Eye makeup Black [CATWA]

deco - *{( konpeitou )}* karakuya - oiran cage (wall B ver.) 2L(for KARAKUYA VIP group gift)
@遊郭 華楽屋

deco - Air_Soubi (rose)_A red & mono white


take a walk

take a walk

Hair - kisetsu - Yakko Shimada Hair - Fatpack

Hairacce - kisetsu - Tsumami Kanzashi - 3 Ume

Kimono - +PIERO+Taisho Roman kimono

Geta - [CX] Himo Geta (2-Red)


come on♥

come on♥

KURENAI February round until February 27th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!

Flower: GACHA aa*TSUBAKI (hairAccessory)

Hair - [monso] My Hair - Doyeon

Ounfit - parfait. NEKO NAPTIME Gacha
parfait. Neko Naptime - 2. Pastel Ruffles RARE
parfait. Neko Naptime - 13. black choker
parfait. Neko Naptime - 16. white stockings
parfait. Neko Naptime - 22. black hairbow

Outfit -Mon Cheri Desire Babydoll / FATPACK / Maitreya Lara
@Frou Frou

Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Irma - Group gift
hair Ribbon - =Zenith=Spinning Bow Headband (All Color)
Sox - *The Mystic* Gothic Lace Socks -Maitreya
@*The Mystic*

Outfit - CUREMORE Noirette lingerie

Heel- + Occult +Fetish Torture BDSM {Maitreya}Red
@+ Occult +

Hair - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Small
@Moon. Hair
Stockings - CURELESS [+] Baroque Corset Stockings in Crow




KURENAI February round until February 27th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!

Tattoo - *CN* Tattoo 2010
Outfit - ASO! Flower Source(KURENAI exclusive)
Pose - +Espoir+-Orizuru- BentoHand 07

Location & Shopping - 紅 KURENAI Feb ROUND

Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Northern wind - Blonds
@Tableau Vivant


Girl’s Festival

Girl’s Festival

Do you know the cushion to get at the KURENAI event?
It is a cushion with the motif of a very cute Japan sweets.
There are lots of animations.
And, the doll Gacha of a traditional event "Hinamatsuri" of Japan was released from Monkeygirl!
You can also get very cute rabbits and tapestries.
Come and visit Kurenai xD

Mouse acce - TS Kewpie Dolls Pink Ribbon 8
Doll - TS Kewpie Kurenai Hold w/bento pose
Ring - TS Bento Kewpie Rings Maitreya hands RARE

Deco - *{( konpeitou+andika )}* ichigo-daihuku pillow

- [MG]YAYOI-hinakazari-RARE
- [MG]YAYOI-bonbori pink-07
- [MG]YAYOI-syokudaiB-02
- [MG]YAYOI-tapestryAa-08
- [MG]YAYOI-tapestryBa-11

Deco - kosmii :: Koi Tea Table


Nail - *PL* dream // UNICORN #02

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Danielle Mesh Hair - Style 2 - B&W
@/Wasabi Pills/

Bonnet - *{( konpeitou )}* Hana-gacha 1-Bonnet
Mouth piace - *{( konpeitou )}* BENTO kuti-musubi
Kimono - *{( konpeitou )}* hanafuda-sailor kimono
Drawers - *{( konpeitou )}* sweetie - 4 - bloomers
Deco - *{( konpeitou )}* hanafuda
@*{( konpeitou )}*

Stockings - CURELESS [+] Baroque Corset Stockings in Crow

Shoes - Momento x Astralia - Modern Witch flats RARE
@Momento & Astralia


secret rose

secret rose

The theme of Enchantment Feb round is " Beauty and the beast ".
Beautiful items have been announced from *{( konpeitou )}*

*{( konpeitou )}* beauty and the book w/rose

Kurenai event ends at 10 days.
There are a lot of great items, did you get them anymore?
If you haven't got it yet, you're in for a loss!

Dress - + Dragana Dress (Maitreya) Exsclusive Freebie + {egosumaii}
Skybox - ++Twilight++ Addicted to love-Skybox
Deco - ++Twilight++ Addicted to love small tourou (about love)-s
Deco - ++Twilight++ Addicted to love small tourou (addicted to love)-s
Deco - ++Twilight++ Addicted to love-Tourou (S)
Deco - +sarayashiki+ pair rock glass RARE 1

Hair - *ARGRACE* HARUKA - Whites

Nail - *PL* bento nail // LIARS #19




Do you want to have a wonderful wedding?
The Japanese style wedding is sacred and very beautiful.
The kimono which is perfect for such a situation has been released from the Hilu which continues to announce the work filled with originality always fresh.
This is trance OK!
Give a gift to someone you love, and you have a wonderful wedding♥♥

*********These are trans OK.************

Hair - *Dura*-B&G82-FAT PACK1
Bridge - [CX] Scarred Bridge (Group Gift)
Lip puace - 9.::GB:: Lip piacing(Catwa Daniel) Black

+HILU+ENISHI ZERO F(Black)HEAD Flower accessories
*********These are trans OK.************

Hair - ~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift - B&W
@Tableau Vivant

Deco - Garden by anc "harugasumi" SAKURAtree{mixpinkB}
Deco - 10/{anc} picnic. swallow tailed butterfly [crystal]
Deco - -Garden- by anc "wind garden"moon leaf{gekkou}


Japanese Gang

Japanese Gang

KURENAI February round until February 27th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Joy

@for Rose fundraiser
Cheek: CURELESS[+] Weird Girl Weird Boy Blush

Tops: + Occult + Hatsuharu Top District {Maitreya-HG}
Pose: Poseidon Sukeban

Mask: Schadenfreude Hannya Mask&Half-Mask
TATTOO: *CN* Tattoo 2010- wear
Eyes: violetta. -kanji eyes (kurenai)
(MICHAN - Last Words Gacha)
MICHAN - Last Words Gacha - Love You [JPN]
MICHAN - Last Words Gacha - Love You [KOR]
(OLQINU : unreal tokyo <backdrop [happy mental clinic]>Gacha)
OLQINU : unreal tokyo <prop [heart-pounding?]>
OLQINU : unreal tokyo <prop [awesome]>

Piercing: [CX] Bento Piercing Fatpack ( Catwa )

Heel: Glamistry - MALVA Heels [PF1022]

Eyes: violetta. -kanji eyes (red) [L]
         violetta. -kanji eyes (kurenai) [R] 
Tops: + Occult + Hatsuharu Top Hell V1 {Maitreya}
TATTOO: *CN* Tattoo 2010- wear
Mask: [ContraptioN] Masks: The Undefeated *default* mouth
Bat: [ContraptioN] The Undefeated's Club *LIMITED* R hand

Bandage: *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 8: asikiri usagi Maitreya
Nail: *PL* bento nail // LIARS #19
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\  
Heel: -NOeditiON- Heeled Trainers (Maitreya) Red COMMON
Make: Glam Affair - Ellen Eyes Makep  for Catwa Heads - SET 6




KURENAI February round until February 27th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!

Hairacce - evermore. vile orchid // kanzashi (ruby)
Tattoo - *CN* Tattoo 2804 KURENAI Feb.2018R LE
Leggings - {Ghoul} Ai Leggings - A Game
Skybox - Toan - Hotel Room Skybox Kurenai
Light - Toan - Andon KURENAI
Deco - *::.who what.::* -kitsune men- KURENAI limited
Deco - [ContraptioN] The Undefeated Club & Mask Set
Deco - Schadenfreude Hannya Mask&Half-Mask Uberpack
Deco - MICHAN - Last Words Gacha

Hair - !Oleander ~ Coley. Shortbread
@Oleander Hair

Nail - *PL* bento nail // LIARS #19

Shoes - :::ChicChica::: Kendra M




My favorite shop was a collaboration xD
The event starts at noon on Feb, 10!!

Dress - ALTAIR* & [CX] cheongsam .white floral. maitreya
soon @ ROMP

Hair - (r)M Hair No.39'16

Hairacce - ALTAIR* cherry blossom clip .white

Ear - .:[PUMEC] :. - / Mesh Ears\
@.:P U M EC:.

Eye - {S0NG} :: Roma~ Luna Eye [L]&{S0NG} :: Roma~ Damien Eye [R]

Bridge - [CX] Scarred Bridge (Silver)
Spiked - [CX] Spiked Gloss
Eyebrow - [CX] Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa)
Eyeshadow - [CX] Hana Eyeshadow Set ( Catwa )

Nail - :Moon Amore: Mystic Star / Glow Nail Art /(Pure)
@:Moon Amore:

Backdrop & Pose - BellePoses - Mia
@The Fetish Fair


Qing Empire

Qing Empire

KURENAI February round until February 27th!
Get a lot of great work at KURENAI!!
Dress - DB - Cultura Imperiale
***The main store has been relocated!!
***@Deviant Behavior

Eyepatch - ***Ambrosia***{GACHA}Rose Eye patch
@The Chapter Four

Hair - Blues. Oakley - Naturals 1
@Blues. Hair

Eyebrow - [CX] Hinotori Eye Make-up Set (Catwa)

Eyeshadow - violetta. -catwa eye shadow 01
@v i o l e t t a .

Lips - Wednesday[+] ~ First Kiss Lip Gloss


waiting you ♥

waiting you ♥

KURENAI February round until February 27th!

Kimono - =Zenith=kimono with Okobo A -Maitreya
Umbrella - WetCat- "Wagasa" Umbrella set
Headacce - *:..Silvery K..:*Japonisme Accessories Gacha
Eyes - *Besom eyes~*Kiji the blacks lens collection *ALL (unpacked)

Hair - Doe: Lyric (solid) - Candy RARE

Deco - booN-kura Japanese Red Bridge 001

Deco - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -koume PendantLight- {I}
*::.who what.::*


Battle Field

Battle Field

KURENAI February round until February 27th!

Kimono - fuayu Elementalist Dress –wind (For Kemono)
Horn - Sunao OgreHorn – A-Color2

Shoes - tomoto, bell geta Black
Reg acce - tomoto, leg string

Shawl - *katat0nik* Fur Shawl Gacha

Kimono - fuayu Elementalist Dress –fire (For Kemono)
Horn - Horn - Sunao OgreHorn – C(COPPER)

Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay - Alize - Pack 1 RARE
@Tableau Vivant

Head acce - 00_{-Maru Kado-} TSUBAKI set RARE
@{-Maru Kado-}

Shawl - + Summer Night Shawl & Butterflies + {aii}

Shawl - *katat0nik* Fur Shawl Gacha

Socks - *{( konpeitou )}* Tabi - sweet grid
Reg acce - *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu - garter
@*{( konpeitou )}*

Shoes - Violent Seduction - Tsuru Okobo (Black)
@Violent Seduction


Japanese style tea time

Japanese style tea time

New release from Kosmii that always creates delicate modeling work!
Kurenai February Round will open on January 31st :)

kosmii :: Koi Tea Set
-kosmii :: Koi Tea Table
-kosmii :: Formal Tea Tray
-kosmii :: Japanese Tea Cup
-kosmii :: Japanese Tea Kettle
-kosmii :: Japanese Tea Set
-kosmii :: Koi Tea Zabuton

kisetsu Gion Gacha
-Gion Gacha Collection - 11
-Gion Gacha Collection - 13
-Gion Gacha Collection - 14

++Twilight++ Addicted to love-Tourou

@KURENAI ***Coming Soon***




Kurenai February Round will open on January 31st.
A lot of wonderful works are exhibited this time, too!
Please look forward to!

(-00-ShengLogng F Gacha)
-00-ShengLong F-Kimono_Light
-00-ShengLong F-Okobo_Light
-00-ShengLong F-Tabi-Light
@KURENAI ***Coming Soon***

[CX] Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa) (unpacked)
[CX] Berry Lipstick Set (unpacked)
Clemmm - The Whites
Tableau Vivant Hairplay - Down Blow - Blonds
@Tableau Vivant
violetta. -catwa eye shadow 01
CURELESS [+] d.Stramonium Skin

(-00-ShengLogng M Gacha)
-00-Shenlong-Ear cuff_Dark
-00-Shenlong-mantle small_Dark

+ Yokai Mega Make Up Pack + {aii}
Blues. Oakley
@Blues. Hair
[CX] Scarred Bridge (Onyx)


Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!!

Kurenai February Round will open on January 31st.
A lot of wonderful works are exhibited this time, too!
Please look forward to!
KURENAI February round

Kimono - ***Ambrosia***Lolita Kimono Dress[KURENAI EXCLUSIVE]
Drawers - Drawers[KURENAI EXCLUSIVE] ~use under a skirt~ Maitreya Lara
Shoes - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -wa kokoro gacha- [RARE] hitoiro Geta
Bag - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -wa kokoro gacha- [RARE] hitoiro Bag
@KURENAI Feb, round ***Coming Soon***

Hair - #2[^.^Ayashi^.^] Bami hair-Basic set

Deco - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -otsukimi- [RARE].tsukimachi gazebo -B-
Deco - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -otsukimi- 2.asa noren Purple
Deco - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -otsukimi- 13.manmaru chair kiiro
Deco - *::.who what.::* [Jpn] -omamoriGACHA- RARE {kotori mikuji}
@*::.who what.::*

Deco - HPMD* Cliff Hill - flower A
Deco - HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a
Deco - HPMD* Garden Tree08 - green b

Deco - Garden by anc bamboo bush 1Li

Deco - CR Mountain Pine 1
@The Cube Republic - Mesh Landscaping

Deco - Rattan Ball
@Decor Depot

Deco - [[RH]] TOBIISHI -stepping stone-(F) Moss
@[[RH]] Design House




New release from Kosmii that always creates delicate modeling work!
Stop in before the 8th of February to ULTRA :)

Mask - kosmii :: Corax Mask [black/opaque lens]

Hair - *Dura*B82-DARK

Deco - E.V.E {Poison} Ink Flower [M04-B/G]
@E.V.E Studio

Deco - {anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} DAYDREAM 6Li RARE
Deco - {anc} Looking-glass. {oval mirror} rust 2Li
Deco - {anc} forget. Swallow [leafgreen] 5Li




Wonderful new release from *{( konpeitou )}*
Kimono - *{( konpeitou )}* R.U.N.A. garter corset kimono
Please get item in Etoile XD
@{ Etoile }

Another one, very cute item is released from *{( konpeitou )}* xD
Necklaces - *{( konpeitou )}* pom-pom japanese necklace
Please get item in The Seasons Story!!
@The Seasons Story

Both events will end on January 31st.

Headacce - *{( konpeitou )}* doll-hands bonnet
Headacce - *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu - mizuhiki bow
Headacce - *{( konpeitou )}* prism tears A & B
Grasses - *{( konpeitou )}* Sakura-monocle
Clogs - *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon - 8 heart clogs (mait high)
@*{( konpeitou )}*

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Danielle Mesh Hair - Style 2 - B&W
@/Wasabi Pills/




fuwa fuwa

The Season’s Story before January 31st!!
Dress - ***Ambrosia*** Rose Tippet Coat
Boots - ***Ambrosia*** Lace up long BOOTS
**Dress and boots are sold separately.
@The Seasons Story

Hair - tram F1201 hair

Nail - :Moon Amore: Mystic Star / Glow Nail Art / Pure
@:Moon Amore:

Bag - ASO! Fur Japon

Location - WHOLE WHEAT




+ Occult + Lady Hinami Lolita
Come to Etoile to celebrate this magical and dream-like experience before January 31st.
@{ Etoile }

+ Occult + Neko slippers Sock B/W
Don’t get stuck with last years items, stop in The Chapter Four before February 1st, and upgrade to 2018!
@The Chapter four

kosmii :: Fleur Chandelier
This round of On9 ends on January 31st!!

Hair - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Biddy

Headacce - *{( konpeitou )}* Hana-gacha 8-Headband
Handacce - *{( konpeitou )}* prism tears B
@*{( konpeitou )}*




Kimono - !1mm*** furisode2018 hanaodori red
@The Chapter Four
▶▶2018/01/04 ~ 2018/02/01 50% off during the event period!

Hair - Air_Kazura A01_black

Location - WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation




KURENAI EVENT is finished today.
There are a lot of products to be able to buy only by this event.
Do you not forget to buy it?

紅 KURENAI -AsianFashionBimonthly-
Nov,31 2017▶▶Jan,8 2018

Outfit - +HILU+HNHK WASOU/long sleeve(black)
Socks - +HILU+Maitreya fishnet Applier(included with HNHK WASOU)
Prosthetic foot - +HILU+JP artificial leg(6)
Deco - ASO! Fur Japon(Originally have it in hands)

紅 KURENAI -AsianFashionBimonthly-
Nov,31 2017▶▶Jan,8 2018!!!

Hair - *BESOM~ Baby face *ALL* #19 RARE
Sunglases - Belle Epoque { Heliophilia } Sunglases Black
@Belle Epoque
Garter - [Since1975]-Garter's Gacha-L
Shoes - [BREATHE]-Suzie Heels-FATPACK - RARE


Who is important for...

Who is important for...

Kimono - tomoto, kimonoF muji red nagagi for haoriF
Haori - tomoto, haoriF 2017W RARE
Obi - tomoto, kimonoF hyakka oiran-obi
Hairacce - MICHAN - Hanayo Accessory
Hairacce - [CX] Uzu Tama Kanzashi
Nail - Hapi*Rabi Nails Shin-Shun
Deco - Toan - Hana Garland

紅 KURENAI -AsianFashionBimonthly-
Nov,31 2017▶▶Jan,8 2018

Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Grace - Black&white
Eyebrow - [CX] Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa)
Eyeshadow - [CX] Oiran Eyeshadow (Catwa)



*:..Silvery K..:*Kimono Hanger(Pink)(3)
*:..Silvery K..:*Decorative KATANA Red 11
*:..Silvery K..:*Paper Crane_P_Purple(11)
@*:..Silvery K.:*

9, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Tousenkyou- (Game display)
17, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Tansu (Black)- (Chest)
7 [[RH]] Chigura set (Gray)
12 [[RH]] Wool (GAMAGUCHI) in cat -MARI-
23,[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 3
@[[RH]] Design House

Mato, // ko-ONI 01-06 [Red set]
@{-Maru kado-}


Outdoor hot spa

Outdoor hot spa

Ear&Tail - + Nogitsune + {aii}
Mask - [BMS] Noumen Okina
Deco - Violetility - Yuzu Onsen
紅 KURENAI -AsianFashionBimonthly-
Nov,31 2017▶▶Jan,8 2018

Hair - .EMBW. Thenid Hair .Natural
Deco - [[RH]] Japanese Summer House Bamboo Wall
@[[RH]] Design House